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Antioxidant series
Antioxidant YD-168
CAS NO.: 31570-04-4
Formula: C42H63O3P
Molecular weight 646.92
Melting point: 181-184 °C(lit.)


CAS NO:31570-04-4

Product: Antioxidant 168

Brand:      YD-168

Chemical name:

Tris (2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)   phosphite

Shelf life: 24months

Techntcal specification

       ITEM                  SPECIFICATIONS      Test Method


1.  Appearance:      White   powder                Eyeballing


2;  Assay:         99.0% (MIN)                    HPLC


3.  Melting   Point:  184.8~186℃                  M A16385


4.    Solubility       Pass                        M A16582


5.    Volatile:      0.3% WT MAX                   M   A15754


6.    percent transmission of solution:            M A15540

425 NM                           98% MIN

500 NM                           99.1% MIN


7.2,4-DI-TERT BUTYL PHENOL:          0.2% WT MAX     HPLC

8. Ash   Content:      0.1% Max                      

8 .Applications

     Antioxidant YD-168 is sterically   hindered phenolic antioxidant, exhibiting its highly effective, non   discoloring and low volatility character for organic substrates. As a   stabilizer, it is recommended and protect organic substrates against   thermo-oxidative degradation.its widely used for   additives of Rubber or plastics.


9.Packing: the net weight is 25Kg.It   is packed in Three-in-one compound bags.The inner layer is plastic film,and   the outer is polypropylene braided lining kraft paper bags.