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Antioxidant series
Antioxidant 3114
CAS NO.: 27676-62-6
Formula: C48H69N3O6
Molecular weight 784.08
Melting point: 218-220 °C(lit.)


CAS NO: 27676-62-6

Product :Antioxidant 3114


Chemical name:

1,3,5,Tris(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxy   benzyl)-s-triazine-2,4,6-(1H,3H,5H)trione

Techntcal specification

       ITEM                  SPECIFICATIONS           Test Method


1.  Assay:                   99 min wt%                HG/T 3975-2007


2.  Melting   Point:         218.0-224.0℃             HG/T 3975-2007


3.   Volatile Content:       0.20% max                  HG/T 3975-2007

4.   Appearance:             white powder               HG/T 3975-2007


5.   Light transmittance (10g/100ml toluene)            HG/T 3975-2007

425nm   99% min

500nm   99% min   

6.     Application


This product is white   or light yellow powder. Its molecular weight is 784 while melting point is   220. The relative density is 1.03 at 25 . It can be dissolved   in solvents such as acetone, chloroform and ethanol. This product is three-   function-group macromolecule obstructed phenolic antioxidant, suitable for   PP, PE, PS, PVC, PA, Resin, polystyrene and cellulose plastics. It hardly can   be colored without pollution. This product possesses excellent property of   low lovatilization, high heating stability, and good abstraction resistance.   It can obviously improve the polymer's property of heating oxidation and aging   resistance. It shows perfect synergetic effect when being used together with   DLTDP DSTDP and ultraviolet absorber. The general using rate is 0.01-0.25%..

7. Packing: 25kg carton box with PE inter located