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The first anniversary of the operation of Shanghai international new chemical materials innovation center

2022-07-10Industry news  

On June 29, the first anniversary of the operation of Shanghai International Innovation Center for new chemical materials (innogreen innovation oasis) and the launching ceremony of 2022 "scip+" green chemical innovation and entrepreneurship competition were held in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The overall situation and achievement image of the innovation center in the past year were reviewed and displayed, and the "innogreen innovation oasis" selected into Shanghai characteristic industrial park was awarded and unveiled. At the same time, the "scip+" green chemistry and chemical industry innovation and entrepreneurship competition kicked off the fourth race. With the theme of "green and low carbon", it focuses on the fields of clean energy, green materials, energy conservation and low carbon, resource recycling, etc. in the chemical industry, and is committed to attracting intelligence to promote the high-quality development of the petrochemical industry.

In order to implement the national strategies of "made in China 2025" and "innovation driven" and implement the construction deployment of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center, the Shanghai International Innovation Center for new chemical materials (innogreen) led by Shanghai Chemical Industry Park was put into operation on June 18, 2021, which is an important milestone for Shanghai Chemical Industry Park to promote the construction of science and technology innovation and promote innovation development.

One year after the innovation center was put into operation, the park has studied and formulated full process and all-round support policies guided by the characteristics of scientific and technological innovation projects; Develop the company system, accelerate the construction of innovation space, explore and build a green, efficient and perfect public supporting service system, constantly optimize relevant operation and management modes and schemes, and continue to build an innovative ecological service system with distinctive industrial characteristics. At the same time, led by the "Shoufeng" of LANXESS Asia Pacific application development center, the application research and development, product performance testing and technical support development centers of NVIDIA, Roma, Mitsui chemical, Camille and other enterprises have settled one after another, some of which have been officially put into use, and the agglomeration effect should initially appear.

The Shanghai Institute of electronics and chemicals innovation and Shanghai Institute of integrated circuit materials, which were inaugurated at this event, are an important part of the park's joint efforts with universities and scientific research institutions to build an innovation highland for electronic chemicals, which will effectively promote the cultivation and improvement of independent innovation ability in this field.

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