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Antioxidant series
Antioxidant YD2921
CAS NO.: 2082-79-3
Formula: C35H62O3
Molecular weight 530.86
Melting point: 50-52 °C(lit.)




Antioxidant YD2921 is a kind of high-effective blend antioxidant ,It's

corresponding to CIBA' s Irganox HP 2921 , including antioxidant

1076 ,antioxidant 1 68 and third component .Soluble in benzene,chloroform,

ethyl ,acetate etc, insoluble in water.

C.A.S.NO.: Antioxidant 1076 [2082-79-3]

Antioxidant 168 [31570-04-4 ]

Specification :


Content of antioxidant 168:57%

Content of antioxidant 1076:28%

AO-136:15% around


Antioxidant YD2921 is a kind of high- efctive compound.It provides the resin with excellent process stability and color polish under the conditions of high temperature and super high temperature.And it can retard heated degradation and oxidative degradation of polymeric substances during processing and in end applications .It can be widely used for PE, PP, PBT, PET resin and other petro-products. The product, with the dosage less by 40% than B900, may be used 0.05%~0.15%.

Package and Store:

Packed with plastic bag in composite plastic woven sack, Net 2 5 kg / bag,or according to customers' requirements. Store in a cool area designed for the storage of chemicals. Maximum recommended storage time under suitable conditions (dry and cool): 6 months.