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Antioxidant series
Antioxidant YD1520L
CAS NO.: 110553-27-0
Formula: C25H44OS2
Molecular weight 424.7
Melting point: 14°C



Phenolic Liquid Antioxidant for Manufacturing, Processing and Long-Term Thermal Stabilizat

Chemical Name 4,6-bis(octylthiomethyl)-o-cresol


Molecular Weight 424.7 g/mol

CAS Number :110553-27-0


Appearance:low viscosity pale yellow liquid

Clarity of solution:Clear

Transmittance:at 425 nm : 97.0% min

Transmission after NaOMe:at 425 nm : 95.0% min

Assay:96.0% min

Physical Properties

Melting range (°C)  ~ 14

Flash point (°C)  > 200

Density (20°C)  0.98 g/cm^

Vapor Pressure (25°C)  2 E-5 Pa

Solubility / miscibility (20°C)  % w/w

Acetone  > 50

Chloroforme  > 50

Ethanole  > 50

Ethyl acetate  >50

n-Hexane  >50

Methanole  >50

Methylene chloride  > 50

Toluene  >50

W ater  <0.01 


ANTIOXIDANT-YDI520L is a multifunctional liquid phenolic antioxidant with highly effective stabilization for organic materials such as elastomers, plastics, adhesives sealants, oils and lubricants. It protects these materials against thermo-oxidative degradation. It can be applied for emulsion and solution polymerized elastomers such as BR, SBR, NBR, SBS, and others. ANTIOXIDANT-YD1520L is effective both as a raw elastomer and compound stabilizer. It also effectively protects various adhesive, sealant, and latex applications. It is non-discoloring, non-staining, low in volatility, and stable to light and heat. It is not recommended for odor sensitive hot melt adhesives or their raw materials. ANTIOXIDANT-YDI520L can be used alone at low levels without co-stabilizers to provide both

processing and long-terms heat aging stability. If needed, it also can be used with other additives such as secondary antioxidants, benzofuranone, light stabilizers, and other functional stabilizers. The effectiveness of this product used in a wide range of elastomers is exceptional along with extensive food contact approvals.

Handling & Safety

ANTIOXIDANT-YD1520L should be handled with care and prevent contamination of the environment.For more detailed information please refer to the material safety data sheet.


The following packages are available upon customer's request :

(I) 25-kg plastic container.

(2) 200-kg iron drum.

(2) Other specific request.


ANTIOXIDANT-YDI520L is not dangerous materials according to the transportation regulations.


ANTIOXIDANT-YD1520L should be stored under suitable conditions (dry & cool).