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Antioxidant series
CAS NO.: 693-36-7
Formula: C42H8204S
Molecular weight 683. 18
Melting point: 63.5-68. 5


Antioxidant DSTDP ( PS802)

Chemical Name: Distearyl Thi odipropi onate

Chemical Formula: C42H8204S

Molecular Weight: 683. 18

CAS No.: 693-36-7

Product Standard:HG/T 3741-2004

Physical Properties :

Appearance :White Granulates or Powder

Melting Point, C  :63.5-68. 5

ish content, % :0.01 max

Loss on heating, % :0.05 max.

Acid value, mgKOH/g :0.05 max.

Melting Color Pt-Co :60 max. .

Saponificat ion Value, mgKOH/ g :160-170

Surplus on Sieve (2mm), % :2.0 max. .


This product is packed in cartons with plastic lining or in compound paper bags with net weight

of 25 kg. We can also pack according to our cus tomers' requests.

This product shows as little white grains. Its molecular weight is 683 while melting point is

63C. The acid value is 0.05mgKOH/g max. It can be dissolved in solvents such as benzene, toluene

and acetone. This product possesses excellent property of decompose Hydroperoxides. It can be

used in PE, PP, PVC, ABS resin, synthetic rubber and oils. Because it can re compose the main

phenolic antioxidant that is used together with it, this product is most suitable for polyolefin .

resin for long - term heating oxidation and aging resistance. It volatilizes little without

pollution, hardly can be colored. It shows good synergetic operative effects when being used

together with main phenolic ant ioxidants (such as 264,1010, 1076, 1098, 1790 and CA) and

ultraviolet light absorber. The general using rate is 0. 05-0. 5%