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Triisobutyl aluminum
Triisobutyl aluminum
CAS NO.: 100-99-2
Formula: C12H27Al
Molecular weight 198.324
Melting point: 4-6℃


Triisobutyl aluminum - properties

Colorless transparent liquid, with a strong moldy smell. It has active chemical properties and high chemical reaction activity. Soluble in benzene. Exposure to air will cause smoke and spontaneous combustion, and water, acid, alcohol, ammonia, etc. will undergo hydrolysis, alcoholysis, acidolysis and other reactions. At the same time, a large amount of heat and isobutane will be released, and explosion will also occur when the reaction is intense.

Triisobutyl aluminum - hair preparation

Activated aluminum powder was synthesized with isobutene and hydrogen at high temperature and high pressure (LLO ~ 120 ℃ and 5 ~ 6Mpa). The reaction product is the finished product after precipitation, centrifugation, filtration and preparation.

Triisobutyl aluminum - Application

This product is used as polymerization catalyst for cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber, synthetic resin, synthetic fiber and olefin polymer. It is also used as an intermediate of organometallic compounds and as a high-energy raw material and reductant for jet engine ignition system.

Triisobutyl aluminum - Safety

It is strongly irritating and corrosive, causing damage to the respiratory tract and conjunctiva. The maximum allowable concentration of harmful substances in the air of the workshop is 2mg / m3 [al].; Comprehensive protection should be done during operation. In case of accidental inhalation or contact with the skin, wash thoroughly with a large amount of flowing water or normal saline and seek medical advice. In the production process, sampling analysis or leakage is easy to cause combustion and explosion, so double attention should be paid. It is strictly prohibited to mix with oxidants, acids, alcohols, edible chemicals, etc. Storage and transportation must be carried out in inert gas filled or special containers. Keep away from kindling and heat sources. The warehouse temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. The relative humidity shall be kept below 75%.